It’s easy…. when you know it

27 12 2012

The saying “it’s easy when you know it” is rather underrated, I think. When someone says it, your immediate response is probably “of course it is..”

The only way to comprehend how much truth there is in it, you should start doing things by yourself, and see how much you can screw things up when you don’t know how the pieces work together. And, sometimes, how easily it could happen.

And now you should tell me to look how screwed up my life is.

It’s complex

12 11 2010

Complex != difficult.

Admitting that something is complex is not a declaration of stupidity.

It is in fact probably the best way to start solving a problem.


Have a good weekend everyone!

Wer nett ist…

8 11 2010

Wer nett ist, kommt in den Himmel – die anderen werden Weltmeister.

(Der Spiegel, 2010)

It’s better

25 10 2010

It’s better to be alone and accept the fact, rather than expecting that you should be with someone else but finding out you’re not.

(Me, 2010)