Links 20.04.2011

20 04 2011

Some security-related readings:


USB to Ethernet Adapter

17 03 2011

The TrendNet USB-Ethernet adapter could be a cheaper alternative to Apple’s “original” version. Get and install the driver from here. Tried on Snow Leopard, works perfectly.

RFC search made easy

10 03 2011

… by Google Chrome:

just type “data”, the browser autocompletes the URL, press TAB, then type the RFC number followed by ENTER. Et voilĂ !


(of course for the first or second visit, you might want to type the complete URL yourself:

Virtually virtual

18 03 2008

For poor experimentalists who don’t have enough money to buy a lot of computers, but yet still want to do experiments with computer networking, there’s a way to build a virtual network which runs on one computer only. Check out this page.

And if it’s not enough, I mean, if these experimentalists are too lazy to setup a dedicated computer to run the experiments, the virtual network can also be built on a virtual machine! Check it out here. That is, virtual network running on virtual computers… hah!

But don’t get too excited, this bunch of virtual-computers-in-a-network-which-runs-on-a-virtual-machine are, for obvious reason, useless for high performance computing (a.k.a cluster-based supercomputer) =)