127 Hours

20 03 2011

A rather short movie, with little talks and special effects, but quite deep. Impressive. And the flashbacks… Loneliness, family detachment, a strong will to survive, all in one package.

An inspiration on what a single, lonely, young man should do in his spare time.

The cut-out-your-hand DIY scene is an extreme, freaky nightmare though.

Had the event taken place in 2011, the story might have gone differently. With smartphones and all those social geolocations like Foursquare, Facebook and co., the story might have been even shorter. Perhaps no single hand had to be sacrificed.

The only catch is the cellular coverage. No idea though, how it is in the Canyonlands area. A smart satellite-phone would be great as a last resort, something like the one from TerreStar (neat idea; sadly they already filed for chapter eleven). Even then, a GEO satellite might not help a lot. Iridium or Globalstar needs to jump in here.

So the message is buy a smartphone. With a GPS receiver. And a data plan. When possible with a satellite transceiver…