Just what is so special about a Leica?

3 11 2010

They are expensive.

People say it’s simply because it’s Leica.

People say it’s the build quality.

People say its shutter is very quiet.

People say it looks old-fashioned, so that other people on the street will just ignore you.

People say it’s the viewfinder, the rangefinder, the lenses, etc.

and.. and.. and..

But what about…?

If you ask if their picture quality is superb, you’re pretty much asking the wrong question. Because you won’t get a definite answer. It’s always it depends. It depends on YOU.

If you ask if they’re worth the price, again you’re asking the wrong question. It depends on how YOU value those qualities. Sure is, that price is determined by the law of supply and demand, and the agreement between seller and buyer. The fact that they still cost that much after all these years shows that buyers do value Leica’s quality propositions, which pushes demands. And quality comes from tight manufacture and test standards, which limit supplies. Hence the price. As simple as that.

[Disclaimer: This is not meant to be scientific, so I neither put references, nor really say exactly who those “people” actually are]