iPod Touch Ideas

20 03 2011

The iPod touch 4G is a neat gadget. It’s sad knowing that it does not have something I would really like to have: an FM receiver, because I don’t really like listening to song after song. Some presenter chit chat or news from time to time is a lot better than a continuous playlist.

It turns out, however, that you can buy an external receiver from here (don’t trust the review; everything works OK). Neat! To begin listening to FM radios you just have to plug it in, and get the app here. The thing’s price is reasonable I think, and the app is for free!

So long boring long Sunday run!

But then my imagination comes into play. The touch doesn’t have UMTS/3G either. I searched for an external modem, just like the FM receiver, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Why can’t anyone out there devise such a gadget!

If you stumbled into this page and had the resources to actually build an external UMTS/3G modem for iPod Touch, please don’t forget about me, your idea-giver. A share of your patent’s royalty would be great 😀 (so desperate…)




One response

21 05 2012

As you say, no one seems to have thought of using an external USB modem on the iPod touch 4thGen via jailbreak or without buying peels. I like the idea of using my existing older hardware!

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