Holiday Ventures

29 12 2010

Some links / readings perused during the end-of-year holiday, so far:

1) Helmut Schmidt by Maischberger. Interesting opinions on why Europe should rescue Greece, what the consequence of leaving the Euro zone, or dividing the currency into north-south Euros would be (he talks about speculation; the only counter argument to which I found only in another article at Der Spiegel).

2) Collection of interesting Der Spiegel articles (the links are TBD in about two weeks when the corresponding articles become available online):

– Report on Mecca; the story of the Wahabi’s unilateralism, how the Bin Laden family is involved, and why this will not last forever.

– Debate on how to deal with the Euro crisis: get out of the common currency, or introduce the Euro bonds.

– Euro crisis and Germany’s role.

– Research on altruism; altruism comes from the need to boost reputation, good reputation ease cooperation, and cooperation is essential for the evolution.

3) Finance/economy crash course. Again on money as debt, money creation process, exponential growth, compounding, etc. Interesting quote: “At a minimum, each year enough new money must be loaned into existence to cover the interest payments on all of the past outstanding debt”; finally grasp why “growth” is the pre-requisite for the fractional reserve system to work.

4) Some more about Euro crisis:

Wikipedia: 2010 Euro crisis

Wikipedia: Irish financial crisis

5) Started reading Thilo Sarrazzin’s “Deutschland schafft sich ab”;

6) Cryptography:

– Diffie-Hellman key exchange

– RSA algorithm

7) Joined, started identifying signs of “transits” in Kepler telescope measurement data. Planned, just for fun, to regularly identify about 10 traces per week.




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