How to watch P2P stream using SopCast in Ubuntu: an Idiot Guide

13 12 2009

Another step in eliminating Windows completely from my laptop. The last thing being getting a complete astronomy software package (camera control, autoguiding, image processing).

OK, here it is:

1) If you’re using Ubuntu 9.10, the instruction given in this page may save a bit of your working time.

2) If you’re not that lucky (I have 8.04 for instance, and am for some reasons too reluctant to change), get sp-auth from this page. Download it to your home directory, e.g. /home/you

3) Extract the tarball. Open a terminal, and type (don’t forget to press ENTER afterwards ;-)): tar xvfz sp-auth.tgz

4) Change the working directory: cd sp-auth

5) Now try opening a channel. E.g. from the command line: ./sp-sc-auth sop:// 3908 8908 > /dev/null  & (Get the sop url from the channel you want to view. The number 8908 is the port number you’ll use later, the 3908 is rather arbitrary; I don’t know what it is exactly)

6) If there’s an error message saying something about “libstdc++…” you probably need libstdc++5. Type: sudo apt-get install libstdc++5-3.3-dev from the command line. Retry step 5), you should see no more error messages.

7) Open vlc. From the menu: Applications –> Sound & Video –> VLC media player, or type vlc from the command line.

‘8) In vlc, open a network stream. From the menu: File –> Open Network Stream, or press Ctrl+N.

9) Select the “HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS” radio button, and type: localhost:8908/tv.asf in the text box. Press OK. You should be able to watch the channel now.

10) If there’s no sound coming out, check vlc settings, make sure that ALSA audio output module is selected. In vlc, edit the settings from the menu: Settings –> Preferences, or press Ctrl+S. Select the “Advanced Options” check box, and look at the options Audio –> Output modules. Select “ALSA audio output” from the drop-down menu. Restart vlc.

This page provides another instruction, if you follow it you won’t need vlc anymore to play the stream. Setup time will be more or less the same however, I think.

./sp-sc-auth sop:// 3908 8908 > /dev/null  &



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