Notes from near the Equator

9 01 2009

One of the “missions” of the recent visit to Indonesia was to get acquainted with the sky of the southern hemisphere, when possible also to capture some photographs. Now, carrying a 6-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, along with the tripod and the equatorial mount, is cumbersome, if not impossible. So the idea was to bring along some simpler equipments: a binocular for observing, and a small tripod for photographing, so that I could create a star trail or something like that. But darn it! As I was sitting in the aircraft before departure I realized that neither of them was in my luggage. And so observation must then be limited to naked-eye visual only. It was not so bad, it turns out, as it was pretty exciting to see Orion up high near zenith, with different orientation from the one one would be seeing in Europe. It also looks interestingly smaller. My immediate speculation was this might be another form of the Moon illusion; well, it’s just a guess, I would like to further investigate this later. The Crux was another impressive discovery. It was actually my visual cue, sort of, to really understand after-midnight sky. Once I identified the Crux, other stars were much easier to find, comparing the sky map picture to the real night sky.

The idea of creating a decent star photograph was simply forgotten. Until the 31st of December. I had no idea that Venus and the Moon would be very close together that day. I simply went outside, and behold! Two heavenly bodies were on the show, right in front of our house. So here’s the scenic, something that was unthinkable to make a few weeks earlier.





2 responses

5 03 2009

fotonya dimana lokasinya ?

6 03 2009

Halo Heb… ini di depan rumah di Bandung

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