Leaving Indonesia for Indonesian: Airport To Do list

8 01 2009

I’ve been doing this for like three times, yet still made a mistake, lacking one or two documents. There’s just too much bureaucracy in this country. So I thought a ToDo list would be useful.

1. Before you enter the check-in area, you need to show your flight ticket to the officer standing at the entrance door, and pass through the security check.

2. Once you pass the first security check, go to the fiscal counter to pay the fiscal fee. It is now Rp 2,500,000.00, unless you have an NPWP (Indonesian tax ID, sort of) or you can show a proof that you live abroad. In those cases you don’t need to pay the fiscal fee, and may go directly to step 3 below.

3. Check in, get the boarding pass. Pay an airport tax of Rp 100,000.00. This tax is not included in your flight ticket, even though there it is stated that the ticket cost includes service fee, tax, etc. And they don’t accept credit card. So remember to bring this minimum amount of cash when you check in.

4. Ask for immigration card at the check-in counter. This card consists of two parts: departure and arrival part. Fill out both, except for the flight number field in the arrival part.

5. Before entering the gate area you will pass through two counters, one checks your fiscal fee payment, the other checks your passport and visa. Show your fiscal payment receipt or the proof that you don’t need to pay the fiscal fee at the first counter (your NPWP, or in case you live abroad, a signed statement saying that you’ve presented yourself to the Indonesian embassy in the country where you live usually will do). At the second counter you will have to show your immigration card and give the departure part to the officer there. Keep the arrival part with you, you’ll need it later when you return to your ‘beloved’ country. I usually slip it inside my passport cover and leave it there all the time.

6. Well, that’s all. If you’ve done all these long before the boarding time, say an hour or so, don’t enter the gate immediately. Just wait somewhere near the souvenir shops, there’s a lot of seats there. If you try to enter the gate, the officer will say something like “Are you an idiot or what? your boarding time is still one hour from now. Just wait outside!”

There you are… Hope it’s helpful. Have a nice flight!




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